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RCRW’s statement on current events at RWA Nationals

The Rose City Romance Writers is committed to creating a safe space where all the diverse voices of the writing community thrive. RWA has repeatedly demonstrated their insincerity and disregard for the stories and the authors they are supposed to champion. This is something that cannot be tolerated, and the Rose City Romance Writers joins many members of our writing community in demanding the resignation of Damon Suede and Carol Ritter, a full forensic independent audit of RWA, a full independent review of RWA’s ethics practices, and a public apology to Courtney Milan.

Furthermore we demand instillation of a bias training for ALL RWA members. Recent events have proved the necessity of this training and it should serve as the starting point to heal and educate our community.

The Rose City Romance Writers strongly believes in the passion and creativity of the romance writing community. We value diversity, inclusion, and equity. We treasure our welcoming writing community formed around those values. We will not stand behind any persons or organizations who does not support these values.

Our January chapter meeting will be dedicated to connecting with everyone in attendance to hear their thoughts, questions, reactions, concerns, and suggestions. The board strongly encourages members to review current events. Below we will include a link to a blog post by Claire Ryan that is being updated as events unfold:

Our proposed agenda for the general meeting is as follows:
-Review of current affairs  (Much is happening every day.  To keep this review brief we encourage you to utilize the above link to keep yourself informed.)
-Discussion of RCRW Board Statement
-Open Discussion with Members

Between then and now the Rose City Romance Writer’s board is here and available for any member who would like to reach out with thoughts, questions, suggestions, concerns, or just to connect. Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us.

From the board of RCRW

January 4th 2020

February meeting

February 8th 2020:

There is an executive board meeting (closed to general membership) at 9:00 am.

Meetings begin at 10 a.m. (with a social hour at 9:30) at Portland Community College. Please note the new meeting room at 212. It is on the same floor/level as the old one and the same building TCB Building.  It is right to the doors of the TCB building. We have then have a general meeting about with an open discussion forum (please see above statement).

Proposed Agenda

Update on RCRW survey results

Possible RCRW vote on the future of chapter

Feb Programming Announcement

Topic: Writing with Mental Health Awareness

Speaker: Gale Bruckner

Description: Mental Health is something we all have and navigate daily. It informs the decisions we make, the way we communicate, and what we’re willing to risk. The same is true for our characters. Understanding how to accurately portray mental health in all its diversity can help reduce stigma while creating stories that have a powerful impact on readers and the community.

Post Meeting

We usually have a lunch reservation after the meeting for any who wish to join. We’ll collect a headcount during the meeting and announce the location. Everyone pays for their own meal, but it’s a great time to socialize with fellow writers!

Rose City Romance Writers supports writers at all career stages

Our monthly meetings, in Portland, feature a different topic. We balance topics on the areas of craft and business. Writers new to romance, or writing in general, will learn a great deal. But we strive to make sure our programming supports midlist and advanced authors as well.[/vc_column_text]