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Virtual Meeting Schedule

Rose City Romance Writers (RCRW) meets the second Saturday of each month.

Meeting are at no-cost for RCRW Members. People are welcome to attend our meetings, up to two times, before they are required to become RCRW chapter members.

10-11(ish): Chapter business meeting

11-12:30(ish): Workshop/presentation

Virtual Programming


April 13, 2024 Programming Announcement

A.M. Lau

Title of presentation

Storytelling Tips from East Asian Dramas for Modern Romance Writers

Description of presentation

Standing at the crossroads of your writing journey and unsure of which publishing path to take? As the world of indie-publishing has grown, so have the opportunities it From Korean romance dramas like Crash Landing on You to Chinese wuxia epics like The Untamed, East Asian narratives have won over fans worldwide in ways that all writers can learn from. This presentation delves into some of the elements that make these narratives so appealing. We’ll dive into the most popular conventions in East Asia, and see how they’ve attracted audiences both in the East and West. Explore the secrets of subtext and examine how the “female gaze” taps into an underserved pop culture niche. Join us as we discover how familiar story elements are being utilized in fresh ways to make uniquely specific stories feel universal.

A.M Lau is a Vassar College and Clarion West Writers Workshop alumna who spent over a decade reviewing for Publisher’s Weekly. As a successful indie author with several secret pen names she is a member of various writing organizations, including the National Book Critics Circle and the Science Fiction Writers of America. A.M. also serves as an email content strategist for Silicon Valley startups and story consultant for game developers. Her pen names have spoken on various topics including indie author marketing and newsletters at events such as the Willamette Writers Conferences and Romance Author Mastermind. She offers marketing and editorial services at

May 11, 2024 Programming Announcement

Maggie Lynch

Title of presentation

The Unvarnished Truth About Marketing: What Works and What is a Waste of Time

Description of presentation

Most authors are emotional people. They become best friends with their characters and that leads them to craft wonderful books that tell those characters’ stories. The problem is that marketing cannot be an emotional journey for the author. To be good at marketing you have to be analytical. You have to be the person who can look at your book and honestly decide if your baby is ugly. If it is ugly—defined as not an easy sell because it doesn’t meet the general criteria—then you have to convince the reader that your baby has a special value they can’t live without.
Book marketing is about convincing your potential readers of the value of your book. That value is not the story, not the price, not the genre.  That value is the experience of reading your book. You need to understand what experience your readers want to have and capitalize on that. This workshop will discuss how to identify that value in your own book(s) and then how to use specific techniques to exploit that value.

Maggie Lynch is a cross-genre author of 27 published books, as well as numerous short stories and non-fiction articles. Her books have been both traditionally published and indie published. No matter the genre, her fiction tells stories of people making heroic choices one messy moment at a time. She has titles in romance, suspense, science fiction and fantasy, as well as contemporary and science-fiction children’s middle-grade books. Her past non-fiction titles were academic and student-based texts on creating, managing, and using online learning systems. Her current non-fiction titles are focused on helping career authors succeed in the business side of writing, publishing, and marketing.  She is also the founder and CEO of Windtree Press, an independent author’s cooperative currently carrying over 300 titles. 

June 8, 2024 Programming Announcement

Bernadette Marie

Title of presentation

Navigating Publishing Paths: Traditional vs. Independent

Description of presentation

Are you unsure which publishing route is best for you? Join us for an insightful workshop to illuminate the differences between traditional and independent publishing. Learn the fundamental differences between these publishing models and what’s involved. Examine the pros and cons of each and be well-equipped with the knowledge and tools to make an informed decision about the path to take for your literary endeavors.


Known for her bestselling contemporary romances, Bernadette Marie is a fervent advocate of Happily Ever Afters. As a devoted wife and mother of five, she cherishes the notions of love at first sight, whirlwind romances, and the power of second chances. Beyond her literary pursuits, Bernadette is a dedicated martial artist with a 3rd-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do and holds certification as an instructor. Her passions extend to the tranquility of Tai Chi, exploring Disney parks, and indulging in lunch outings with friends. When she’s not crafting compelling narratives or overseeing her own publishing house, 5 Prince Publishing, Bernadette can often be found immersed in a beloved Rom-Com, effortlessly reciting cherished one-liners.

July 13, 2024 Programming Announcement

Romy Sommer

Title of presentation

Showing vs. Telling

Description of presentation

“Show, don’t Tell” is one of the golden rules of writing. But, like with any rule, it’s important to understand why the rule exists, how to do it – and when to break it. In this workshop we’ll discuss techniques to make your writing more Showing to create a more immersive experience for your readers, and when to use Telling.


Romy Sommer is the author of seven contemporary romance novels published by HarperCollins London, and she has also indie-published a further eight books under her own name and a pseudonym.

With her Hollywood romance novel, Not a Fairy Tale, Romy became the first South African to be nominated for the prestigious RWA Rita award in 2016.

As the founder and first chairperson of ROSA (Romance writers Organization of South Africa), Romy discovered a passion for working with and growing aspiring writers which led her to a new career as a writing coach and developmental editor. She pioneered writing courses for Savvy Authors, Now Novel, and RWA (Romance Writers of America) before joining Gemini Writer’s Studio.

Find out more about Romy and her books on


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